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Upcoming Science Studies Events

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Mattering: Feminism, Science & Materialism Panels

The following is a list of panels and panelists for the upcoming conference “Mattering: Feminism, Science & Materialism”. The conference schedule can be viewed here.

Agential Realism I: Applications

Anna Stetsenko: Transformative Activist Stance and Agential Realism

Marsha Rosengarten: What Barad’s Brittlestars can tell us about ethics, research practice and the disagreeable findings of randomised controlled trials OR why the claim ‘brainless’ is ok.

Natasha Mauthner: Agential realism: A new philosophical starting place for qualitative research

Claudia Castañeda: Feminist Materialism and the Transgendered Child-Body

Moderator: Benjamin Haber

Agential Realism II: Science & Technology

Josef Barla: Rethinking agency and power with/in technology-body entanglements. Towards an agential realist philosophy of technology and apparatuses of bodily production

Doris Allhutter: The re-enactment of difference and sociality in information systems design

Emily York: An Agential Realist Approach to the Emergence and Institutionalization of Nanoengineering

Lisa Weasel: Embodying Intersectionality: The Promise and Peril of the Post-Genomic Era for Feminist Science Studies

Moderator: Joshua Scannell,

Bodies I: Sex, Capital, and Biopolitics

Sahar Sadjadi: Suppressing Puberty: The Child, the Brain and the Underwear

Kirk Fiereck: De/Materlializing Bodies: Sexual Ideologies, Capital and Personhood in the Rainbow Nation

Sigrid Vertommen: Property, labor and productivity in the bio-economy: a feminist materialist approach

Matthew Nesvet: Frozen in Time: The Cryopolitics of Human Egg Preservation

Moderator: Carole Vance

Bodies II: Embodiment and Power

Magdalena Gorska: Corporeal politics: Rethinking Intersectionality through Breathing

Kathryn Goldfarb: What the body remembers: Japanese child welfare and the feminist politics of care

Andrea Doucet: New Materialism and Embodied Fathering

Grit Hoppner: “Beautiful” Materialization Embodying the Phenomenon “Being Beautiful” using the Example of Viennese Retirees

Moderator: Terri Gordon

Toxic Worlds

Ali Kennar: Asthmatic Matters, Agential Realism, and Emerging Modes of Environmental Health-Care

Teena Gabrielson: The Normalized Toxic Body: Agency and Responsibility from the Perspectives of Risk and New Materialism

Bharat Venkat: Necrotic Tissue and Stagnant Air: Life, Action and Efficacy in the New Materialism

Peter Hobbs and Kelly Ladd: The Understories of Toronto’s Don Valley: Mapping the Toxic Commons

Moderator: Helena Hansen

Theorizing the Ontological Turn

Jami Weinstein: Wild Life: Toward a Posthumous In/Difference Ethics

Hanna Meissner: Material/ist Feminisms – a Diffractive Reading of Two (Ostensibly) Unrelated Traditions

Janet Wirth-Cauchon: Difference, Relationality and Change in New Materialist Feminism

Stephanie Clare: Fanon, Life, and Land: Finding the Politics of New Feminist Materialisms

Moderator: Linda Alcoff

Queering Neuroscience

Anelis Kaiser: Gender Matters and Gender Materialities in the Brain

Rebecca Jordan-Young: Fifty Shades of G(r)ay Matter

Victoria Pitts-Taylor: Queer Kinship and Neuro-Affection

Katarina Hamberg: Understanding sex/gender differences in neuroscience – stressing the context and focusing plasticity and embodiment

Moderator: Rayna Rapp,

Cognition, Affect, Consciousness

Rachel Weitzenkorn: The ontological boundaries reified and blurred through an analysis of cognitive neurosciences turn to “Resting State” activation

John Protevi: Plato, Political Affect and Lullabies

Julian Gill-Peterson: Problems of Attention:
Bioregularization, Digital Habituation, and New Childhood Pathologies

Moderator: Jesse Prinz (

Multi-Species Entanglements

Dehlia Hannah, Lisa Jean Moore, Charlie Nichols & Eben Kirksey: The Xenopus Pregnancy Test: Multispecies Choreography

Kasi Jackson: Companion Species as an Alternative to Model Systems: Sheldon/Tiptree’s ‘The Psychologist Who Wouldn’t Do Awful Things to Rats’

Lisa Jean Moore & Mary Kosut: Honeybees Pollinating New York City: On the Material Cultures of an Insect

Moderator: Christina Nadler

(Epi)Genetics, Molecular Biology & Physics

Susan Oyama: The Lure of Immateriality in Accounts of Development and Evolution

Deboleena Roy and Banu Subramaniam: Situated Molecular Materialism: Feminist New Materialism and the Practices of Colonialism

Noela Davis: The Sociality of Biology: Epigenetics and the Molecularisation of the Social

Jeffrey Bussolini: Bodies as Matter: The Conceptualization and Treatment of Bodies in Nuclear Physics

Moderator: Rebecca Jordan-Young,

Technobodies and the Virtual

Pat Treusch: Re-Debating Technobodies: On the Mattering of Humanoid Technologies

Sigrid Schmitz: How to grasp materiality’s agency? An attempt to follow communication in the landscapes of technologized brainbodies

Louise Horvath, Julia Grillmayr, Tanja Traxler: The Materialization of the Virtual

Rebekah Sheldon and Jamie Skye Bianco: #somethings

Moderator: Patricia Clough

Keynote: Karen Barad

Chair: Victoria Pitts-Taylor

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