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Upcoming Science Studies Events

  • No upcoming events currently scheduled

Recent Updates

February 16 and 17: “Natural Kinds”, a symposium

February 16-17 | Room 5307

An interdisciplinary workshop exploring whether categories such as gender, ethnicities, species, action types, & mental illnesseshave boundaries delineated by the natural world or by us. Sponsored by the Committee on Interdisciplinary Science Studies.

Monday, February 165-5:30  Introduction, Jesse Prinz5:30-6:15  ReceptionTuesday, February 179:30-10:50 Laura Franklin-Hall (Philisosophy, New York University) “Why are some kinds historical and others [Read More…]

2015–16 Committee for Interdisciplinary Science Studies Dissertation Writing and Mid-Career Fellowship Competition

The Committee for Interdisciplinary Science Studies is please to announce that our fellowship search for the 2015–2016 seminar is  open.

The deadline for Doctoral Student and Mid-Career Faculty Applications: March 9, 2015 no later than noon. Please see sciencestudies.gc.cuny.edu for more information.

The Committee for Interdisciplinary Science Studies invites applications from recently tenured-faculty, CUNY doctoral students, and PhDs eligible [Read More…]

Thursday March 13th: “Two Senses of Self” with Shaun Nichols

Philosophers have uncovered apparently conflicting patterns of intuitions about personal identity. In some cases, it seems that personal identity depends on the continuity of psychological properties; in other cases, it seems that personal identity is preserved despite a radical discontinuity in psychological properties.This talk will report a series of new studies that manipulated how people think about the stability of their traits (a la Bartels & Urminsky). [Read More…]

Reminder: Mid-Career and Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships (due Friday 2/28/14)

The Interdisciplinary Committee on Science Studies is conducting fellowship searches for 2014–2015:

• Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships: includes $10,000 for the academic year; for doctoral candidates at the Graduate Center • Mid-career Faculty Fellowships: includes 2 course releases for the academic year; for faculty at CUNY campuses.

You can find complete information for both fellowships, [Read More…]

Justin Smith: What Was Race? Early Modern Science and the Birth of a Tenacious Folk Category

We can precisely date the leap of the term ‘race’ from animal husbandry (pigeons, dogs, and horses, mostly) to talk of human social reality: it happened in the 1680s. What, though, were the conceptual problems this terminological innovation was meant to help solve? Did it in fact help to solve them? What are the reasons why this new way of talking about human diversity stuck, and remains with us several centuries later? In this talk, I would like to go some distance toward answering these difficult questions by reconstructing the context in early modern science and philosophy in which the concept of race first emerged, with particular attention to the work of François Bernier, G. W. Leibniz, and Carol Linnaeus. [Read More…]