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Identity and Morality: An Interdisciplinary Workshop

Friday, October 13

Room 5307

Sponsored by the Self, Motivation, and Virtue Project
Hosted by the Committee for Interdisciplinary Science Studies

(Open to all. No registration required)

Program9:30-9:45      Introduction and Welcome

9:45-11:15   Javier Gomez-Lavin, Shaun Nichols, Jesse Prinz, and Nina Strohminger
(CUNY, Arizona, Penn), “Investigating the Moral Self”

11:30-1:00    Linda Skitka (UIC, Psychology), “Do the Means Always Justify the Ends or Do the Ends
Sometimes Justify the Means? A Value Protection Model of Justice reasoning”

Lunch break

2:30-4:00      George Newman (Yale, Management), “The True Self”

4:15-5:45      Marya Schechtman (UIC, Philosophy), “In My Life: Agency and Diachronic Identity”


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