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Cosmopolitics – Saturday, April 9th, 1:00 – 5:00 pm, 9th Floor

Isabelle Stengers, of the Universite Libre de Beuxelles, will be visiting the CUNY Graduate Center on a rare visit to the United States for this special event.  The audience will have the opportunity to participate in an open dialog with Stengers.

Isabelle Stengers “argues that a politics that will not be attached to a cosmos is moot, and that a cosmos detached from politics is irrelevan. She dives deep into the sciences in order to extract their hidden cosmopolitics.” -Bruno Latour

“Stengers insists we cannot denounce the world in the name of an ideal world. In the spirit of feminist communitarian anarchism and the idiom of Whitehead’s philosophy, she maintains that decisions must take place somehow in the presence of those who will bear their consequences.” -Donna Haraway


Featuring lectures by:
Cary Wolfe, Rice University
Natasha Myers, York University
Eben Kirksey, CUNY Graduate Center
Matei Candea, University of Durham
Steven Meyer, Wash. University St. Louis
Lina Dib, Rice University
Joan Richardson, CUNY Graduate Center
Dorion Sagan, Science Writer

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