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February 16 and 17: “Natural Kinds”, a symposium

February 16-17 | Room 5307

An interdisciplinary workshop exploring whether categories such as gender, ethnicities, species, action types, & mental illnesses
have boundaries delineated by the natural world or by us. Sponsored by the Committee on Interdisciplinary Science Studies.

Monday, February 16

5-5:30  Introduction, Jesse Prinz

5:30-6:15  Reception

Tuesday, February 17

9:30-10:50 Laura Franklin-Hall (Philisosophy, New York University)
“Why are some kinds historical and others not?”

10 minute break

10:50-12:20 Barbara Malt  (Psychology, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA)
“Human Locomotion in Language and Thought:  Where are the Kinds?”

lunch break

1:30-2:50 Peter Zachar (Psychology, Auburn University, Montgomery, AL)
“The problem of natural kinds in psychiatry: is there an essentialist bias?”

10 minute break

3-4:20 Lisa Gannett (Philosophy, Saint Mary’s University, Nova Scotia, Canada)
“A Local Epistemology of Group Categories in Population Genetics and Genomics”

10 minute break

4:30-5:50 Rebecca Jordan-Young (Women’s Studies, Barnard College)
“Can a natural kind be an assemblage?  How much do boundary cases and shifting levels matter to understanding what kind of variable ‘sex’ is?”

Natural Kinds Flyer

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