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Sarah Franklin: Ethical Biocapital and Cyborg Embryos

Ethical Biocapital and Cyborg Embryos
A conversation with Sarah Franklin

Thursday, March 29th, 4:15-6:15
CUNY Graduate Center, Room 5307

Sponsored by the Mellon Interdisciplinary Committee for Science Studies

Sarah Franklin has explored the path to transbiology.  She argues that the trans-work of embryo transfer, and the translation of embryology into stem cell derivation and redirection, have altered the landscape of the biological, the technical and the informatic.  Transbiology is a biology that is made and born and is today more the norm than the exception.  In this context, it is worth reconsidering how biocapital—a form of extraction that involves isolating and mobilizing the primary reproductive agency of specific body parts, particularly cells—might be reworked with novel ethical articulations.

RSVP required. Only 15 slots for participants remaining.

Please register here: http://cyborg-embryos.eventbrite.com/

Each participant is required to read two essays by Sarah Franklin: “Ethical Biocapital” as well as “The Cyborg Embryo : Our Path to Transbiology.”  Click here for copies of the essays.


Sarah Franklin has written and edited 15 books on reproductive and genetic technologies, as well as more than 100 articles, chapters, and reports. She is Professor of Sociology at Cambridge University.

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