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The Multispecies Salon: FUTURE MIGRATION @ Proteus Gowanus

The Multispecies Salon has migrated to Brooklyn as part of an exhibit curated by Krista Dragomer exploring the possibilities and predicaments of life in the anthropocene.  This exhibit, FUTURE MIGRATION brings together artists, scientists, and visionaries in an exhibition of art, artifacts, and books.  Come see a “Utopia for the Golden Frog”–a refrigerator that has been transformed into a biosecure amphibian pod by Grayson Earle and Mike Khadavi in collaboration with Eben Kirksey.

FUTURE MIGRATION will be on display through July and the Multispecies Salon will be hosting a series of conversations.

Conversation #1: The Multispecies Salon: Gleanings from a Para-Site

Sunday, April 29, 5pm
@ Proteus Gowanus (http://proteusgowanus.org/)
Please RSVP, space limited to ten participants: info@proteusgowanus.org

“Thneeds Reseeds” by Deanna Pindell

This event will be the first in a series of three conversations hosted by Eben Kirksey, Proteus Gowanus Anthropologist-In-Residence, of The Multispecies Salon. The conversations will orbit around three interrelated questions:

Which species flourish, and which fail, when natural and cultural worlds intermingle and collide? What happens when the bodies of organisms, and even entire ecosystems, are brought into schemes of biotechnology and dreams of biocapitalism? And finally in the aftermath of disasters—in blasted landscapes that have been transformed by multiple catastrophes—what are the possibilities of biocultural hope?

A series of essays, works in progress by Eben Kirksey, will be pre-circulated in advance to ground these conversations:

  • Conversation #1: Sunday, April 29th, 5-6:30: ”Multispecies Salon: Gleanings from a Para-Site” (10 pp)
  • Conversation #2: Sunday, May 6, 5-6:30: ”Hope in Blasted Landscapes” (30 pp)
  • Conversation #3: Date TBA: ”Life in the Age of Biotechnology” (30 pp)

“Thneeds Reseeds” by Deanna Pindell

Please RSVP for to secure a spot in the discussion and copies of the essays (info@proteusgowanus.org).  Space is limited to ten participants in each session.

Proteus Gowanus is located at the corner of Union and Nevins Streets in Brooklyn. The building is  next to the Gowanus Canal at the Union Street Bridge. Entrance to the gallery is off Nevins Street: enter through the large black gates, walk down the alleyway to the end, second door on the left. Look for the golden arm above the gallery door.

via subway:

R train to Union Street in Brooklyn: Walk two long blocks on Union (towards the Gowanus Canal) to Nevins Street. 543 Union Street is the large red brick building on right. Go right on Nevins and left down alley through large black gates. Gallery is the second door on the

F or G train to Carroll Street: Walk one block to Union. Turn right, walk two long blocks on Union towards the Gowanus Canal, cross the bridge, take left on Nevins, go down the alley to the second door on the left.

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